Time between last phone contact or family home visits

The timer below displays the number of days between the date my brother was allowed to contact his family or allowed home to visit his mother and me, and today. The Priory Group and H House wilfully ignoring requests and denying him and us of private and family life for this period.
The severe restriction imposed on my brother by The Priory Group has denied my brother access to a mobile phone loaned to him for phone contact with us since November 2017, the provider continues to ignore my emails.

Since my brother was placed in the residential home, out of county and against his family’s wishes, his needs have been neglected and he has not been provided with communication aids or a reliable phone service and necessary equipment. The Priory group and Herefordshire Council ignoring, not least, The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970, since December 2013.

My brother briefly visited his family home, for one hour. Unfortunately we had to cancel arrangements for a Birthday celebration, as The Priory group did not reply to my request or inform me he would be allowed to come home for the day. While home I noted neglect of my brother continues.

Before this time my brother was not allowed home to visit his mother for some 64 days and 2 hour.
The previous period was 58 days and 23.5 hours, due to The Priory Group and H House wilfully ignoring a total of 17 of 23 requests; with a gap of 30 days between visits for a previous period due to the same ignorance of requests.

Local authority support of neglect and abuse

Below is a redacted copy of a recent letter from Mr Samuels (Director for adult and wellbeing at Herefordshire Council).

You will note within MS’s letter he states the issues relating to my vulnerable brother’s care have already been fully considered and they will not continue correspondence. In reality, concerns have been ignored for over two years with false allegation made by staff and obligations disregarded.
My brother denied of not least a mandatory right to treatment and support of a dietician for his weight, speech and language therapy, and most recently neglected for some weeks until I intervened to address of an untreated fungal nail infection that my brother was suffering with, which had I not become involved would have been left untreated.

Letter from MS 8th January 2018

Letter from M Samuels 08-01-2018_Redacted


I regard to taking our case to The Local Government Ombudsman, MS is perfectly aware that The LGO address cases under The Local Government Act 1974 for a period dating back 12 months. We seek proper legal justice for the recurring neglect and abuse of my brother,  destruction of our family, negligence of staff, and where we can show evidence to a judge in a court of law.

In my opinion, it is disappointing and unfortunate to know that we have so many individuals in senior positions within adult social care who appear to display narcissistic traits and who bully, threaten and use ignorance to defend, neglect, negligence, provider’s and service failure. Most concerning is the ignorance of obligation and disregard of legislation regarding vulnerable people, their family and unpaid carers; I believe such is obviously to avoid any liability or personal humiliation.

I have no difficulty in identifying the causes of why so many vulnerable people and their families in Herefordshire are so poorly treated and supported.

I have also requested of MS and Herefordshire Council all their evidence of the allegations made against me.


Further Neglect & Discrimination

Below is a recently taken photo of one of my brother’s big toes, it appears infected and from what I understand after speaking with an independent professional and another individual has been left this way, untreated for some time. Why my vulnerable brother has to suffer recurring neglect and inadequate care and support provided by The Priory Group is incomprehensible.

As MS the director for adults and wellbeing at Herefordshire Council has refused to acknowledge concerns, I believe to protect nescient staff, he has ignored his duty of care to my brother and family and not least disregarded The Mental Capacity Act. The neglect and institutional abuse of my vulnerable brother have been permitted to continue by Herefordshire Council.

Further, my brother remains denied access to the mobile phone I loaned to him in November 2017, which was to allow him contact with his mother and me. As of writing this entry, it is over one month since the phone was powered off. The Priory Group staff DW, DP and MD have not responded to emails or ceased discriminating against my brother and mother.


Access to Mobile Phone Denied

As of writing this blog entry, it is 20 days since the mobile phone loaned to my brother has been powered off, denying him of contact with his frail elderly mother and I and our chosen method of communication.
In my understanding of the law, this is discrimination, a further breach of our statutory rights, and yet another indication of organisational or institutional abuse, which remains ignored by both The Priory Group and some Herefordshire Council staff.






Discrimination and Censorship by Herefordshire Council

Since receiving the vexatious and authoritarian letter from Martin Samuels, the director for adults and wellbeing at Herefordshire Council, communication with Herefordshire Council staff is being monitored and vetted by SV the assistant director for adults and wellbeing. In my understanding of the law, such is not least discrimination, and conflicts with regulations and neglects rights and obligations. A redacted copy of MS vexatious and authoritarian letter can be viewed in this post.

Those that read our blog will recall the assistant director is the same individual who in communication to colleagues, attempted to find a way of suppressing our website and blog, appearing to neglect the duty of care, and human rights of my brother and family. I believe the conflict of interest is undeniable. The communication I refer to can be viewed in this post.

From our experience, it is disappointing to know obscurantism appears to be another practice employed by some local authorities and care providers.

The severe restriction imposed by MS regarding contact with relevant staff,  for or on behalf of my vulnerable brother, has already caused a significant delay of two weeks for contact with my brother’s current social worker. A further five days delay has been caused concerning the denied access to the mobile phone that I loaned my brother; now powered off as of writing this on 10th December 2017.

Over the past two years, The Priory Group and some Herefordshire Council staff from senior level to lower have actively destroyed our family and contact with my brother; I believe most members of the public will consider such is reprehensible.


Denied 87th Birthday Celebration

Recently it was our mother’s 87th Birthday, unfortunately, and due to the poor support provided to my brother, he was denied of visiting his mother to celebrate, the residential home did not even send a Birthday card to his mother on his behalf.

Some days before, I had arranged for my brother to loan a mobile phone that was for his use so that he could remain in contact with his family and we could contact him without restriction. The phone once handed over to staff of the home was later switched off by, and only briefly powered on when I requested a social worker contact the home and ask the staff to turn the phone back on. The phone, which is monitored remotely, was again powered off the next morning and has remained so for some days, denying my brother of valued contact with his mother and me.

The destruction of our family and disregard of established events has not only been facilitated by particular Herefordshire Council and Priory Group staff in the past two years but also inadequate care, support, deficiency of service and negligence appear to be wilfully ignored by the current Director for Adults and Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council. One of the most worrying concerns the disregard of specific Mental Capacity Act legislation, to date my offer to show evidence and for a meeting with a representative solicitor have also been ignored.


Vexatious Letter from Martin Samuels

On the 13 November 2017 I received an email from Mr Martin Samuels (Director for Adults and Wellbeing for Herefordshire Council) which had a vexatious and authoritarian letter attached, a redacted copy of the letter is below.

The letter from MS, as you will note, defends negligence and makes the allegation that I have intimidated or threatened staff and former employees via social media. Interestingly I found the staff I believe MS refers to misused their professional positions, making public a statement with intent to intimidate members of the public, and further, a manager involved with my brother’s case who made false claims, posted an unprofessional comment on their own social media profile; I have factual evidence of my claims.

Since recurring concerns of neglect, institutional abuse and severe restriction of my vulnerable brother’s contact with his frail elderly mother and me have been permitted to continue, particularly since September 2016, I note MS communications to me display ignorance of the law, becoming increasingly aggressive toward me in defence of negligence and service failure. It is appearing that MS has intentionally attempted to avoid knowing facts, to evade any liability or knowledge of wrongful acts. In the past two years, MS has not once requested to examine any evidence or contacted me to arrange to meet with a solicitor.

Vexatious and authoritarian letter from MS

MS Letter 13.11.17_Redacted


As a side note MS emailed me on 22 September 2017 informing me that EG has not worked for Herefordshire Council since March 2017, a redacted copy of MS’s communication to me can be viewed below: Such places question on the authority of MS vexatious and authoritarian policy letter and why my personal data was shared by EG with MS or the local authority after they had left the service.

MS email of 22nd September 2017

In the interest of transparency I provide the two messages sent to the negligent social worker EG , who was not employed by Herefordshire Council at the time the messages were sent, and which I have show to Herefordshire police and informed Gloucestershire police of the reason for informing the social worker I would seek redress for their negligence.

I believe it is extraordinary the lengths that some Herefordshire Council staff will go to in ignoring or attempting to cover up negligence, service failure, neglect or institutional abuse. Whether MS chose to ignore the law and to victimise or discriminate against us directly or indirectly, or by association, is not for me to say but one for a court to decide when we are provided with the opportunity.
Disregard of the harm caused to my health that the neglect and institutional abuse of my vulnerable brother during the past two years, or that of my brother’s health and wellbeing, appears to be of no regard for MS and some Herefordshire Council staff. In my forty odd years experience of social care, I do not recall such inadequacies and wilful ignorance.

I believe any reasonable person would consider if concerns of neglect, institutional abuse and deficient social care had been alleviated, why have I had to pursue them when they have been allowed to recur time and time again over the past two years, why was the negligence of the social worker EG consciously ignored by MS and Herefordshire Council, and why do I continue to identify, photograph and record inadequate care and support of my vulnerable brother?

MS along with specific Herefordshire Council staff and Priory Group management has facilitated the destruction of a family in the interest of the provider, ignoring their duty of care and the statutory rights of my brother and family.

Vexatious and Threatening Letter from Gloucestershire County Council

On 27th October 2017, I received the below letter via email from DP The Head of Service for Integrated Adult Social Care for Gloucestershire County Council.
I publish the letter (partially redacted) in the public interest. I firmly believe there is a reasonable probability if a family member or interested party of a vulnerable person reports a negligent social worker and inform the social worker redress will be sought, the family member or interested party will receive a similar vexatious letter from Gloucestershire County Council.
In my understanding, the use of authority by a social worker, particularly a senior one, to attempt to intimidate or threaten a family member or concerned party of a vulnerable individual who has reported a concern of negligence does not comply with UK law.

Vexatious and Threatening Letter from Gloucestershire County Council

Letter from Gloucestershire Council 24-10-2017(Redacted)


You will note the letter states “The police have also been contacted about your behaviour and want to be kept informed if your harassment of Ms G continues.”
I contacted Gloucestershire Police and asked them for the incident report number, I  also informed them of the social worker’s negligence which resulting in further neglect and institutional abuse of my vulnerable brother, and registered a separate incident number with them. I firmly believe there is potential for a serious incident to occur due to the social worker’s carelessness.
I also visited Herefordshire Police station to show them the letter from DP The Head of Service for Integrated Adult Social Care for Gloucestershire County council, and my communications with the social worker.

I have sent my reply to Gloucestershire County Council, which is below, and await the response.

Reply to Gloucestershire County Council’s Malicious Letter

Reply to Gloucestershire County Council_Redacted






Neglect – October 2017

I had asked The Priory Group staff via email, including the director of risk and safety, complaints manager and solicitor to let me know if my brother would be coming home for a family Birthday. Unfortunately, although the emails were viewed no Priory Group staff responded to my request, so I had to cancel arrangements. However, my brother did arrive later that day but could only stay for one hour.

You will note the photos below display neglect and clear indications of continued institutional abuse.
It almost 14 months since I was told amelioration would occur at the meeting of 14th September 2016, and nearly 11 months since the provider refused to address recurring and ongoing concerns of unacceptable standards of care and support.

How and why these concerns can be wilfully ignored and allowed to recur and continue is unbelievable.

Recurring unkept nails



The detritus from one nail


Continued un-cleaned glasses, an obvious safety concern




After many months of requesting that the frame of my brother’s glasses are professionally repaired, this is the poor result.