Time between last phone contact or family home visits

The timer below displays the number of days between the date my brother was allowed to contact his family or allowed home to visit his mother and me, and today. The Priory Group and H House wilfully ignoring requests and denying him and us of private and family life for this period.
The severe restriction imposed on my brother by The Priory Group has denied my brother access to a mobile phone loaned to him for phone contact with us since November 2017, the provider continues to ignore my emails.

Since my brother was placed in the residential home, out of county and against his family’s wishes, his needs have been neglected and he has not been provided with communication aids or a reliable phone service and necessary equipment. The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council ignoring, not least, The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970, since December 2013.

My brother briefly visited his family home, for one hour. Unfortunately we had to cancel arrangements for a Birthday celebration, as The Priory Group did not reply to my request or inform me he would be allowed to come home for the day. While home I noted neglect of my brother continues.

Before this time my brother was not allowed home to visit his mother for some 54 days and 2 hour.
The previous period was 64 days, 58 days and 23.5 hours, due to The Priory Group and H House wilfully ignoring a total of 18 of 24 requests; with a gap of 30 days between visits for a previous period due to the same ignorance of requests.

Letter Regarding The Confiscated Phone

Below is a redacted copy of yet another specious letter I received from DW of The Priory Group, dated 13th June 2017, regarding the phone that was confiscated from my brother by carers in November 2017. Along with DW’s letter were attached some blurry photos of the phone my brother loaned and a previous letter relating to my emails including the phone and damage to my brother’s PC. Email of 5th June 2018 and email of 12th October 2017

Letter from DW Priory Group 13-06-2018_Redacted


There are issues with DW’s letters and attached images, notably after stealing the phone from my brother someone compromised the security of the phone to gain access and then tampered with it and deleted data. Even with the blurry photos DW supplies, he gives no evidence of who made any video recording nor do his stories match a specific video. Further, his allegation that my brother did not consent to have the phone is untrue; my brother and I worked with the device on the rare occasions he was visiting his mother and me at the family home, to ensure it met his needs; this took many months. It is also, in my understanding of the law, discriminatory for DW to deny my brother of a device that has recording capability. By breaching the security of the phone loaned to my brother DW and his colleagues also intruded on my personal data without permission.

A redacted copy of the blurry photos DW sent to me of the phone stolen from my brother



DW keeps changing his version of why his excuse for taking the phone off my brother and denying him of private and family life was justified. I can identify after reviewing further recorded video, what my brother was telling me, and before the phone was taken from him.

As a side note and from experience, while DW’s specious letter may give an impression of desiring to co-operate, he has since I first raised concerns for and on behalf of my brother, disregarded recurring and ongoing concerns, blocked communication for many months, ignored my brother’s rights, assisted inadequate care and support, and attempted to justify institutional abuse.
As matters have been permitted to happen and recur for such a substantial time, without improvement for my brother, I have no desire to engage any more than I already do with DW or his Priory Group colleagues who have caused my brother to regress and who has denied my brother of the care and support he should have and needs, nor do I wish to be associated in any way with a company who appear to place profits over individuals health and wellbeing. I consider three years is more than ample time for them to have improve my vulnerable adopted brother’s situation.

In the interest of transparency, below is a photo of the envelope addressed to DW which he refers to in his letter of 13th June 2018 as being angry and profane, I believe I am justifies in using the commonly accepted word in brackets, particularly in consideration of the lies, broken promises and length of time concerns of inadequate care and support have been permitted to recurred and continued.

Below is a censored still frame from a deleted video I recovered from the device, of AW and LP tampering with the confiscated phone, and a transcript of their conversation

Transcript of the conversation from the recovered deleted video ([000002].mp4),
I believe P1 is LP and P2 is AW
P1: Where’s the video recording tool?
P2: (inaudible word), goes to that background, (pause) background something (inaudible) just says
P1: Your pissed off now ain’t you?
P2: background video, ye’
P1: That’s fucking bad
P2: They don’t fucking care, social workers listening to the social workers (inaudible) (pause)
P2: Just given more evidence to try and fucking turn against us

Regarding protected evidence on our site, which DW has requested we removed, I inform DW I will not be deleting evidence.




Denied of Celebrating Birthday at Home

It is the third consecutive year my brother has been denied of celebrating his Birthday at home with his mother and me.

None of Herefordshire Council’s social care staff, including his social worker RC, their line manager AM or either of the directors for adults and wellbeing SV and RV, bothered to contact me to ask about arrangements for this established event. I assume due to the discrimination and extended punitive restrictions imposed by Herefordshire Council on communications with them for a further twelve months, totalling nineteen months, wilfully ignoring concerns, rights and continuing in my understanding their organisational abuse.

Our mother, who I care for, was upset that my brother did not come home for his Birthday, and worries about why he remains in an unsuitable home, alienated from us.
It is saddening and insulting to know; this is how Herefordshire Council regard a vulnerable adult and treat just one family who fostered many tens of children over the years. I hope to put this concern and others forward in the future in a court of law.

As much as the incompetent and nescient staff of Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group try, I will not be abandoning or un-befriending my adopted brother and will continue to address concerns for and on his behalf when required and until he has satisfactory care and support; as his mother instructed me to do some years ago.



Destruction of Our Family

On the 7th June 2018, I received a letter from Mr Stephen Vickers (Director for  Adult and Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council), forbidding communication with my brother’s social workers and continuing the oppressive and punitive restrictions imposed for a further year.
Such will likely, and once again, deny my brother of celebrating his approaching Birthday at home with his mother and me, as he had always done, until moving to H House.

Our family has been deliberately eroded to the point of destruction and our statutory rights ignored by the very organisations that have a legal obligation to my brother, mother, and me as an unpaid carer for disabled relatives.



I believe any layperson can identify victimisation, discrimination and misuse of a policy over the law, and that such is a clear indication of organisational or institutional abuse. Unfortunately, from personal experience, it appears a common practice for some Herefordshire Council social care management employees.
Regardless of the attempts by Mr Vickers and his colleagues, I will not be un-befriending my brother nor will I cease to raise concern for and on behalf of my brother or mother.


The Loaned Phone Taken From My Brother

Six months ago, on 23rd November 2017, my brother loaned an adapted mobile phone, so he could remain in contact with his frail elderly mother and me, both find standard landline phones difficult at best.
Two days after the phone was given to my brother and set up by his social worker (RC), it was taken from my brother’s room by his carer (AW) without permission, forcibly shut down and never given back to my brother; the same carer who had lied about my brother’s activities.

Several weeks after requesting Herefordshire Council arrange for the phone be returned to me, due to the provider refusing to allow my brother to have it back in his room for his personal use, it has been returned to me.

However, after creating a physical image for further examination, I analysed the phone and recovered concerning deleted video which conflicts with The Priory Group’s written statement of why it was taken from my brother, as does the recent DoLS form 3 record. Video Recordings

I found that four days after the phone was taken from my brother, it was powered up by staff (AW and LP) tampered with and data deleted. This can be verified by the phones cell tower communication and the deleted video I recovered.
My brother’s RPR (TC of nor Herefordshire Council challenged the provider over the confiscation of my brother’s loaned phone.

Having no adapted phone nor his computer, since it was damaged at H House in September 2017, he has been purposefully alienated from his family and we continue to be denied of our right to private and family life.

The destruction of my family by Herefordshire Council continues.


Denied of Attending A Funeral

On 11th April 2018, I sent an email and a copy via signed for letter to Herefordshire Council regarding my brother’s inadequate care and support, and the destruction of our family supported by Herefordshire Council. I also requested to know if my brother would be allowed to attend a funeral with me of a foster brother who he was fond of. (a redacted copy of the letter is below)

D Funeral etc Hfd Council 11-04-2018_Redacted


The letter was received and signed for on 12th April 2018 at 11.26 am (redacted proof of posting below) allowing adequate time for a member of Herefordshire Council adult social care to contact me and make arrangements. Only on the day and after the funeral did AM of Herefordshire Council contact me, leaving a message on my answer machine, to discuss my brother attending with me, denying him of saying goodbye to our foster brother.

Next months it will be three years since I first raised concerns of my brother’s inadequate care and support, which has been assisted to continue by Herefordshire Council. To date, they have functioned to ignore concerns and destroy a caring family and contact, neglecting my vulnerable brother, his rights and to move to satisfactory accommodation, or back home.


Audio/Video Recordings

In the next few days I hope to release available recordings regarding my brother’s inadequate care and support, many of these conflicts with both Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group claims and documentation and provide evidence of institutional abuse and incidents of negligence and neglect. The recordings include refusal of a mandatory right, and medication and treatment errors which both organisations have documented as not happening.

For the present, the recordings pages will remain password protected. However, I cannot protect from it’spassword being compromised.

I speculate both organisations may attempt to create documents for the recordings content, however, under forensic examination such could be discredited; notably, as electronic copies of documents I have requested have not been provided to date.



Easter with Family refused

Once again my brother has been denied of a family home visit, on this occasion and for the third consecutive year a visit and stay at home to celebrate Easter.
Due to the breakdown between the provider and us, a considerable time ago regarding the inadequate care and support provided to my brother and the many lies they have told to date about the poor care and support they provide, which I continually have to address, I do not want Priory Group staff at our home.

I asked, some time ago, that Herefordshire Council staff assist with visits and recently asked for my brother to be dropped off at Elgar House in Hereford, where he would meet his social worker or representative and where I could pick him up from to come home for a few days.
Herefordshire Council refused to support us with this visit, sending me a questionable email for the refusal, which contains a fallacious comment.
I assume this was due to the documented threat by Mr Martin Samuels (director for adult and wellbeing) to affect adversely the service provided to us.

Below is a redacted copy of the email from AM (locality manager at Herefordshire Council) denying us of Easter together and refusing to provide support

Easter with Family_Redacted


Three points to note regarding AM’s email are:
1. AM’s claim that my brother should not be dropped off at unfamiliar places is irrelevant to our request, and I believe is an indication of the lack of support he and his family are provided with, and have been since 2015 by Herefordshire Council.

2. AM’s claim that I stated I could not have my brother home due to being unwell from my hunger strike is entirely untrue, reviewing the phone conversation I said it would be difficult cooking for my brother while I was on the second week of a hunger strike in protest at his inadequate care and support.

3. AM states it is unreasonable at short notice to arrange the visit home and for care agency to support. Contrary to AM’s claims, there was no issue with my brother coming home for Easter at short notice, until 2016 when The Priory Group denied him of celebrating Easter with his family after I became concerned of their provided care and support. Further, I spoke with a care agency, and an agency representative told me they could facilitate support at short notice.


Recordings and Hunger Strike

After 18 days of protest at my brother’s extended inadequate care and support provided by Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group,  I will be ending my hunger strike and continue to battle for his rights and health.

In the coming weeks, recordings will be released via this site; this is to provide evidence of the deficient service and inadequate care and support provided to my vulnerable brother by Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group, since being forced to move to H House.







Freedom of Information Request – DoLS

I have now received a response to the freedom of information request I submitted regarding Herefordshire Council and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards authorised by them, in particular, Martin Samuels (Director of Adults and Wellbeing)who has authorised no less than three of my brother’s DoLS authorisations that are factually inaccurate and untruthful.
The current response can be viewed here:

Freedom of Information Request – DoLS

I believe it is in the interest of the public who have a relative in Herefordshire’s care to highlight this. Of concern is the non-existence of appeal to The Court of Protection by any paid RPR or IMCA representative of a vulnerable person to any granted DoLS authorisation.
0 challenges of the 697 DoLS authorisations for the period 1st January 2017 to 28th February 2018 suggests to me that some people are not supported by their paid RPR’s or IMCA’s, and Herefordshire Council is using the DoLS system to institutionalise individuals for convenience; my brother one of those with inadequate representation. In his case provided with on no less than two careless advocates, TC and BS of